Wednesday, November 22, 2006


My wife jooked an article on BusinessWeek yesterday about the IBM CEO Palmisano getting a Second Life. Its funny how life works. Now everyone is on the bandwagon joining Second Life. Just wanted to give some encouragement to entrepreneurs out there who are hacking away on the next killer app. Not to give up! To give a little background on Second Life. I went to a talk given by Mitch Kapor last week at EMP in Seattle. And he said from the beginning he believed in Philip Rosedale's vision of virtual worlds but what most people don't know is that Philip Rosedale's was turned down by 42 VC's. He pitch 42 VC's and not one believed his idea would work. So Mitch Kapor continued to fund him as an angel investor for 5 years and look what Second Life has become. A place where the CEO of IBM and others are boasting that they've got an avatar in a virtual world. If Philip didn't believe in his dream Second Life would not exist. So for all you entrepreneur's out there, don't stop believing.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Recouping from the Jookster beta launch last week!

Finally coming down off of the beta ship from last week...Its been a wild ride to get here. There are so many people to thank that made this happen. Our team is the best! Its sounds cliche but its true. A team of 5 building a search engine , insane! but we are doing it. Wanted to thank Pete Cashmore @ mashable for the quick coverage. Much appreciated. Thanks for recognizing "we aren't dead yet!" :-) We've been working diligently on this product in stealth for sometime now. And now that's its out it feels good. Expect some coming announcements in the next couple of weeks. If its not apparent as of yet, we are really focused on delivering a social experience with rich media in ways that have not been explored. RSS is a very powerful when used correctly , our goal is to simplify the power of RSS and enhance the user experience and that's what you are seeing now with this version of our beta. For those who haven't had a chance to take a test drive of Jookster here's you chance.

I'm out!